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GiBUU release notes


We do not publish every revision of the code. Especially we retain parts of the code representing ongoing doctoral theses or other unpublished work. Therefore results published by our group may not (yet) be reproducible by the public releases below.

GiBUU 2021 (08.02.2021) [svn r7938]

  • Option: collisional broadening of rho-meson spectral function consistent with collision term of the transport equation (
  • Option: enhanced dilepton radiation in np collisions agree with phenomenological inclusive e+e- invariant mass spectrum from dp collisions at 1.25A GeV (
  • New options for hadron formation: quantum diffusion model (QDM), and momentum cutoff (
  • Novel method of the nuclear residue determination based on counting particle-hole excitations in the target nucleus due 2-body collisions. Suitable for elementary particle-nucleus reactions ( Can be used for the coupling to the statistical models (e.g. internal SMM) or for the rescaling the cross sections in perturbative calculations.
  • Improved description of 2pi background contributions to elementary (e,p) cross sections. 2pi background also taken into account for (nu,N) reactions.
  • Improved transition from RES to DIS at around 2 GeV invariant mass: transition to pQCD cross sections in PYTHIA now follow Bloom-Gilman duality behavior.
  • restrict number of ejected nucleons in perturbative runs by residue calculation (works only for HiPion,HiLepton,Neutrino,Hadron,ExternalSource)
  • minor bugfixes and modifications, cosmetics

GiBUU 2021, patch 1 (11.05.2021) [svn r8027]

  • Bug fixed when calling NC processes
  • 2pi background extended to neutrinos, fixed to data for e-p scattering
  • Q2 cutoff for DIS removed
  • transition of electron to neutrino structure functions tuned
  • Bug fixed reported by gfortran-11 (thanks to Qiyu Yan)
  • cosmetics and minor bug fixes

GiBUU 2021, patch 2 (08.02.2023) [svn r8384]

  • extended OSCAR 2013 output format (asked by Malgorzata Gumberidze)
  • bugfix in OSCAR output (thanks to Izabela Ciepal)
  • output of impact parameter also for pion induced events (asked by Izabela Ciepal)
  • residue-scaling also for lowPhoton
  • simplify input of projetile and target nucleus by replacing the input variables 'projectile_A/Z' and 'target_A/Z' just by 'A/Z'
  • documentation of 'DoHIATime...dat' fixed (thanks to Maximilian Wiest)
  • implement neutrino output into a named pipe instead of 'FinalEvents.dat'
  • bugfix for residue calculation in neutrino 2p2h
  • cosmetics and minor bug fixes

GiBUU 2021, patch 3 (01.03.2023) [svn r8388]

  • bugfix for positions of particles from neutrino 2pion-background (thanks to Patrick Tsang)

GiBUU 2019 (08.02.2019) [svn r7590]

  • output of events now also in ROOT format possible
  • Possibility to add own, new neutrino flux distributions
  • pion background amplitude added also for antineutrino CC events
  • transition between resonance and DIS for elementary eN improved, both for electrons and neutrinos
  • in-medium corrections for low energy NN cross sections implemented
  • sample jobcards now set to produce all warning and info output (Indicated how to disable this for production runs.)
  • DUNE antimunu flux corrected
  • calculation of Coulomb for dynamic densities improved; glitches using Coulomb removed
  • total momentum of nucleons in nuclei is corrected by simulated annealing
  • workaround in Makefile for gfortran 6+ bug concerning MATMUL inlining
  • minor bugfixes and modifications, cosmetics

GiBUU 2019, patch 1 (26.03.2019) [svn r7615]

  • Optimizing the overall energy/momentum conservation in neutrino DIS by using MSTP(23)

GiBUU 2019, patch 2 (16.04.2019) [svn r7628]

  • Update of the DUNE neutrino fluxes
  • change of default output of 'struck nucleon'

GiBUU 2019, patch 3 (05.08.2019) [svn r7649]

  • minor bugfix for reading fluxes

GiBUU 2019, patch 4 (05.11.2019) [svn r7723]

  • corrections for CLAS, pi0

GiBUU 2019, patch 5 (10.12.2019) [svn r7732]

  • bugfix for A+A collisions (introduced in GiBUU 2019)

GiBUU 2019, patch 6 (03.03.2020) [svn r7771]

  • negative particle ID indicates antiparticle in FinalEvents.dat
  • additional output: Collisionlist

GiBUU 2019, patch 7 (03.06.2020) [svn r7830]

  • pion-background of anti-NC is now set correctly to zero.
  • included RootTuple library patched to report also positions.
  • compilation flag to select between final and production position

GiBUU 2019, patch 8 (08.09.2020) [svn r7862]

  • allow for filenames with up to 1000 characters

GiBUU 2017 (29.10.2017) [svn r7268]

  • JLAB/CLAS12 RunGroupA initialization (contributed by Michael Kunkel)
  • some neutrino fluxes added/updated
  • back reactions for decay into 3 mesons added (detailed balance)
  • minor renaming/deleting of flags in namelists
    • debugflags removed from all namelists
    • 'propagation': e.g. predictorCorrector --> Mode, DerivativeType --> RungeKuttaOrder
    • 'propagation': useCoulomb --> useCoulombDirectly to avoid misunderstandings
  • make neutrino runs silent by default:
    • 'neutrino_induced': new switch printAbsorptionXS
    • 'neutrinoAnalysis': new switch Xsection_analysis, default of detailed_diff_output set to false
  • minor bugfixes and modifications, cosmetics

GiBUU 2017, patch 1 (13.12.2017) [svn r7280]

  • Bugfix concerning perturbative weight of outgoing lepton in neutrino events (thanks to Shirley Li)

GiBUU 2016 (08.02.2016) [svn r6779] - (17.07.2017) [svn r7210]

  • updated K0 production cross sections (arXiv:1404.7011)
  • Kaon potentials in RMF mode
  • new Skyrme parametrization (-> Shanghai meeting)
  • non-linear symmetry energy (contributed by Gaochan Yong)
  • in-medium cross section parametrization in Skyrme mode (according to arXiv:1403.7363)
  • new parametrization of em. N-Delta transition form factor by Ramalho & Pena (arXiv:1512.03764)
  • all major neutrino fluxes, including LBNF-DUNE and new BNB, implemented
  • more realistic 2p2h cross section implemented, with neutrino-antineutrino and neutrino-electron consistency
  • local collision criterion also for real-real collisions
  • fulfill detailed balance in K Kbar <-> mes mes' (correct spectral shape, not only pole masses)

GiBUU 1.6 (01.10.2013)

  • String threshold for baryon-baryon collisions increased to 3.4 +- 0.1 GeV
  • Extended resonance model from EPJ A48 (2012) 111 enabled by default
  • Kaon potentials added (in RMF mode)
  • Possibility to tune the Kaon production cross sections in baryon-baryon collisions
  • improved \(\pi\pi\) cross sections, \(f_2(1270)\) resonance added
  • Pythia updated to version 6.4.27
  • 2p-2h contributions for neutrino-induced events added
  • Flux distributions of all major long baseline neutrino experiments implemented
  • Energy reconstruction and migration matrices for neutrino experiments implemented
  • Oscillation analysis for neutrino experiments implemented
  • First 'full' release of GiBUU with all code-parts included

GiBUU 1.5 (10.07.2012)

  • Extended resonance model from arXiv:1203.3557 available (but not enabled by default)
  • Statistical Multifragmentation Model (SMM) by A. Botvina et al. included, cf. Phys.Rept. 257 (1995) 133-221
  • HNV model Phys.Rev. D76 (2007) 033005 (7 interfering diagrams) for neutrino-nucleon interaction at low energies included, cf.Phys.Rev. D82 (2010) 093001
  • DLS and HADES acceptance filters included
  • Improved kaon- and antikaon-nucleon cross sections
  • Included J/Psi production in antiproton-proton collisions
  • PYTHIA updated to version 6.4.26
  • DIS processes (via PYTHIA) in neutrino interactions included
  • Relativistic mean field model treatment of perturbative particle propagation optionally included
  • svn access to the release branch for registered users (read-only)
  • Many other improvements

GiBUU 1.4.1 (24.11.2011)

  • Bugfix release
  • A few problems reported by external users have been fixed, mostly in antiproton-nucleus reactions (thanks to Yue Ma, Josef Pochodzalla, Olaf Hartmann and others)
  • Some problems with specific compilers have been addressed

GiBUU 1.4.0 (01.09.2011)

  • Implementation of a statistical annihilation model (I.A. Pshenichnov et al) for antinucleon-nucleon annihilation into mesons including KKbarX production channels (good for beam momenta above 2-3 GeV/c). At lower beam momenta this model is supplemented by phenomenological branching ratios.
  • Many new elementary reaction channels added (e.g. Nbar N -> Ybar Y, Nbar N -> Xibar Xi, Y N -> Y N, Xi N -> Y Y). For details see arXiv:1107.2326.
  • PYTHIA updated to version 6.4.25.
  • Many other improvements.

GiBUU 1.3.1 (01.12.2010)

  • Bugfix release
  • A few problems reported by external users have been fixed (thanks to the eager testers: Olaf Hartmann, Prajwal Mohanmurthy, Michael Paolone and others)
  • Some smaller bugfixes have been backported from trunk (mostly output problems with the Les Houches format, histograms, etc)
  • Support for the Open64 compiler has been added

GiBUU 1.3.0 (23.04.2010)

  • Neutrino-induced reactions available (a full description of the neutrino part is given in T. Leitner's dissertation pdf)
  • Formation times according to Gallmeister, Falter, Phys. Lett. B 630 (2005), 40, SPIRES entry
  • PYTHIA 6.4 is default by now
  • Many other improvements

GiBUU 1.2.2 (19.05.2009)

  • Bugfix in "Les Houches Event File" output (only relevant for HiLepton/HiPhoton)
  • Otherwise identical to release 1.2.1

GiBUU 1.2.1 (13.02.2009)

  • Support for compiling and running GiBUU on Mac OS X, see GiBUU on Mac.
  • Otherwise identical to release 1.2

GiBUU 1.2 (21.01.2009)

  • Possibility to link code against PYTHIA 6.419
  • Output according Les Houches Event Files Standard.
  • Resolved minor issues of the previous release.

GiBUU 1.1 (31.10.2008)

  • New Makefile concept: better treatment of source code dependencies
  • makedepf90 is no requirement anymore (dependencies can be generated with "" instead)
  • Resolved minor issues of the previous release.

GiBUU 1.0 (29.04.2008)

  • Initial public release of the GiBUU code!

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