gibuu is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Getting the GiBUU code

Starting with the migration of the hepforge system in september 2018, anonymous svn access to the repositories does not work anymore.

Download as tar balls

You may download the actual release via the page

(Previous releases you may find at

In order to download the GiBUU code and input files, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new directory for GiBUU and change to that directory:
mkdir GiBUU; cd GiBUU
  1. Download the source code:
wget --content-disposition
tar -xzvf release2021.tar.gz
  1. Download the input files:
wget --content-disposition
tar -xzvf buuinput2021.tar.gz
  1. (Optional) Download additional libraries:

If you you want to use the possibility to have ouput in ROOT format: There is also an adapted version of RootTuple available:

wget --content-disposition
tar -xzvf libraries2021_RootTuple.tar.gz

Public git access (via GitHub)

A mirror of the GiBUU repository is available on GitHub:

Attention: this mirror is not an official GiBUU repository and not maintained by the GiBUU group!!!!!

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