gibuu is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Getting the GiBUU code

Starting with release 1.5, subversion access is the recommended method for obtaining the GiBUU code. Since release 1.6 the code is publicly available without registration.

Public svn access (via HepForge)

In order to download the GiBUU code and input files, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new directory for GiBUU and change to that directory:
mkdir GiBUU; cd GiBUU
  1. Check out the source code:
svn co
  1. Check out the input files:
svn co ./buuinput

Note that the code can also be viewed online.

Public git access (via GitHub)

A mirror of the GiBUU repository is available on GitHub:

svn access for 'premium users'

If you have been choosen to be a 'premium user', you get (read-only) access to the directories 'workingCode' and 'branches'. You may check out them via e.g.

svn co --username XXX

The https is important.

svn access for developers

If you are a developer and need help accessing the repository, please refer to this page (available only after login).

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