gibuu is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Software and tools

Prerequisites for Compiling and Running GiBUU

  • Supported operating systems:
    • Linux (primary platform, used by most developers)
    • Windows (via Cygwin), cf. GiBUU on Windows
    • Mac OS X, cf. GiBUU on Mac
    • other Unix-like systems may also work, but are untested
  • Supported compilers:
  • Unsupported compilers:
    • g95 0.93 fails to compile EventOutputFile.f90 (missing support for type-bound procedures)
    • Absoft v11.1.3 fails to compile bzip.f90
    • NAG v6.1 currently fails to compile Pythia and Jetset (with double precision)
    • Lahey v8.1 is not supported due to missing Fortran 2003 features (GET_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE, ISO_C_BINDING, ...)
    • flang-11+ (i.e. the f18 compiler, relabled again as 'flang')
    • nvfortran <= v22.2 fails to compile pyevnw.f
  • The Build process is steered via GNU make.
  • Automated Makefile dependencies are generated via one of the following methods:
  • The code is managed and distributed through the Subversion version control system.

Libraries used in GiBUU

The code uses some external libraries, which are used in the usual compile and linking procedure.

In addition, some libraries are used by (partly) including the source code into the GiBUU source code tree.

  • ROOT
    • RootTuple is used as Fortran interface to a given ROOT installation to produce event output (optional)
      For details see this page.

Optional Tools

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