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The GiBUU project

The GiBUU project is aiming to provide an unified transport framework in the MeV and GeV energy regimes for

  • elementary reactions on nuclei, as e.g.
    • electron + A,
    • photon + A,
    • neutrino + A ,
    • hadron + A (especially pion + A)
  • and for heavy-ion collisions.

For those reactions, the flow of particles is modelled within a Boltzmann-Uehling-Uhlenbeck (BUU) framework. The relevant degrees of freedom are mesons and baryons, which propagate in mean fields and scatter according to cross sections which are tuned to the energy range of 10 MeV to more than 10 GeV. In the higher energy regimes the concept of pre-hadronic interactions is implemented in order to realize color transparancy and formation time effects.

The new numerical implementation, named GiBUU (standing for Gießen and BUU), is written in modular Fortran2003 and based upon a Subversion version control system, which allows for a concise control over the full development phase of the code.

The history of the code is rather long and reports about several main development steps. The present initiative accomplished a total rewrite of the source code in a present-day computing language. The main goals of this effort were modularization to allow for a more transparent multi-user development process, a strict reduction of global variables for a more transparent debugging procedure, an improved control over the development phase such that modifications can be backtracked and a unified standard version. Therefore every member of the team works on the same single code version, albeit different temporal branches may coexist. Possible technical overhead is compensated by the benefit of a faster distribution of improvements and innovations and their enhanced sustainability.

GiBUU is being developed at the Institut für Theoretische Physik of the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen.

GiBUU Code

Physics Input


Selection of Publications, Talks and Seminars

  • T. Gaitanos: Theoretical description of fragment formation in reactions at SIS/GSI energies within a combined BUU+SMM approach, GSI, NUSTAR Seminar, June 2008.
  • O.Buss: A transport approach to pion, photon and electron induced nuclear reactions in the resonance region, Giessen, Seminar, May 2008. pdf
  • Presentations at DPG Spring Meeting 2008 (March 3-7 [Freiburg], March 10-14 [Darmstadt])
    • O.Buss: Exclusive results for the e-A -> X reaction pdf
    • T.Gaitanos: Fragment formation in low energy proton-induced reactions within a hybrid BUU+SMM approach ppt
    • T.Gaitanos: Production of fragments with finite strangeness in heavy-ion collisions within a BUU+SMM combined model ppt
    • K.Gallmeister: Zeitabhängigkeit von Hadronisierung pdf
    • M.Kaskulov: Hadron attenuation and color transparency at JLab energies
    • T.Leitner: Transport approach to the reconstruction of the neutrino kinematics in current oscillation experiments pdf
    • T.Leitner: Nuclear aspects of neutrino energy reconstruction in current oscillation experiments pdf
    • B.Steinmüller: Stabilität des Kerns in quasiklassischer Theorie
    • J.Weil: Dileptonen-Produktion in gammaA- und pA-Reaktionen pdf

  • Poster presentation at SFB/Transregio Bonn-Bochum-Giessen Meeting, Bonn, February 13th, 2008 pdf
  • Presentations at DPG Spring Meeting 2007 (March 12-17):
    • O.Buss: Electron and pion scattering off nuclei pdf
    • T.Gaitanos: Hypernucleus formation in high-energy nuclear collisions ppt
    • K.Gallmeister: Time Dependent Hadronization via HERMES and EMC Data Consistency ppt
    • A.Larionov: Three-baryon collisions in BUU
    • T.Leitner: Neutrino induced pion production and nucleon knockout within the GiBUU transport model pdf

  • O.Buss: Code development & pion DCX, Giessen, Seminar, July 2006. pdf


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