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Job cards for GiBUU

We use so-called "job cards" for passing input parameters to GiBUU. A job card is just a simple plain-text file which contains all these parameters, determining the setup of the simulation being performed (e.g. type of projectile and target, beam energy, number of runs, which analysis to perform, which output to generate, etc).

Before you go on studying the example job cards given below, please note the following:

  • Each job card consists of several "namelists". Each namelist contains input parameters for one specific module within GiBUU.
  • Text after an exclamation mark (!) is considered as a comment in a namelist
  • Some of the example files given below are not strictly conform with the Fortran 2003 standard (we use "$end" as ending and not "/", and we use "$" instead of "&"). So code compiled with some compilers might complain about our convention (if this is the case then please replace "$end" by "/" and "$" by "&").
  • Unless indicated otherwise, distances are given in fm, Energies and momenta in GeV and hadronic cross sections in mb.

For detailed information on almost all possible namelists and its switches we refer to our online namelist documentation.


  1. TAPS: \( \gamma A\rightarrow\omega X \) @ 0.9-2.2 GeV
  2. Pion or proton induced reaction on nuclei in the energy regime of 3 to 50 GeV, as e.g. possible within the HARP and NA61/Shine experiments.
  3. Jobcard switches for Deuterium targets
  4. FOPI: \( \pi^-A \) @ 1.7 GeV
  5. ANKE: \( pA \) @ 2.83 GeV
  6. CLAS/g7: \( \gamma A\rightarrow e^+e^-X \) @ 1-5 GeV
  7. High energy photon induced: Using HiLepton in the limit \( Q^2\rightarrow 0 \)
  8. HADES:
    1. p+p \(\rightarrow e^+e^-\) X @ 3.5 GeV (with lepton acceptance filtering)
    2. p+Nb \(\rightarrow\) K X @ 3.5 GeV (real particles, RMF, Kaon potentials)
    3. p+Nb \(\rightarrow \Lambda\) X @ 3.5 GeV (real particles, no potentials)
  9. External particle input
  10. neutrino: T2K 0pi on water, preprint arXiv:1712.07134 [hep-ex]

More jobcards can be found here.

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