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This page intends to list patches which are worth being backported to the current release branch.

ToDo (for 1.4.2):

Backports in 1.4.1:

  • r4759 [committed to 1.4 branch as r4916]
  • r4891 (workaround for PGI bug) [committed to 1.4 branch as r4964]
  • r4957 [committed to 1.4 branch as r4963]
  • r4958 [committed to 1.4 branch as r4962]
  • r4959 [committed to 1.4 branch as r4963]
  • r4961 (fix for Pathscale compiler) [committed to 1.4 branch as r4965]

Backports in 1.3.1:

  • clean HiLepton output: at r3523: HiLeptonAnalysis.f90, InvMassesAnalysis.f90, typeDefinitions/ValueRangeDefinition.f90 [committed to 1.3 branch as r3547]
  • r3458 (fixing some bugs in rhoMass) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3554]
  • r3655,r3664 (HiLepton Mandelstam-t analysis) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3665]
  • r3614 (Open64 support) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3778]
  • r3466 (fixing some bugs in histMC) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3779]
  • r3509 (fixing a bug with g95) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3780]
  • r3544 (fixing a bug in the Les Houches output) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3781]
  • r3545 (adding checks in initHiLepton) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3782]
  • r3564 (fixing a bug in XsectionRatios?) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3783]
  • r3557 (Makefile: print OS info) [committed to 1.3 branch as r3785]
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