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Job Card Management Example

Produce the 160 job cards

Copy 4 templates for 4 different nulcei

cd ~/scripts/jobcards/outgoing
cp el/* ./ 

Change them to Fermi Gas initialisation -p densitySwitch_Static=,5 *.job

Create job cards with fixed momentum transfer of 1 GeV, varying the outgoing energy from 3 to 3.55 GeV --low=3.0 --up=3.55 --steps=40 -q 1. *.job
rm y* 

Submit the 160 job cards -cp FIG3 *.job 

Analyze the results

cd /home/hadron/FIG3/done/

Collect various results into single files -co 012C.dat e*12C*dat -co 027Al.dat e*27Al*dat -co 056Fe.dat e*56Fe*dat -co 197Au.dat e*197Au*dat

Copy the resulting files to the parent directory and plot them to get a first impression

cp *.dat ../
cd .. -s 'label "q=1.0, Ei=3.6 GeV"',"xrange [-2:1]","yrange [0:1.2]",'xlabel "Ψ"','ylabel "f(Ψ)"' *.dat
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