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HOWTO: Use IFort Traceback Error Message for Own Purposes

While using the IFort compilers, you may get at failure a listing of routines (and lines) where the code came from until it crashed. The following shows an example:

Image              PC        Routine            Line        Source             
...                ...       ...                   .......  ... 
main.x             080C9CCA  collisionterm_mp_         811  collisionTerm.f90
main.x             080C44DB  collisionterm_mp_         410  collisionTerm.f90
main.x             0804A69D  gibuu_.run_              1101  main.f90
main.x             08048839  MAIN__                    154  main.f90

It is possible to use the same machinery for your own programmer purposes.
It is also possible, to emit an error message just as a warning and return to the calling routines.

See also: Ifort documentation, TraceBackQQ

Using GiBUU:

Insert at the beginning of your module:

    USE CallStack

and at the position, where you want to get the error message:

    call TRACEBACK([string],[user_exit_code])

The both optional arguments are:

  • string: Text to be written
  • user_exit_code: By specifying a user exit code of -1, control returns to the calling program. Specifying a user exit code with a positive value requests that specified value be returned to the operating system. The default value is 0, which causes the application to abort execution.

If you are not compiling with ifort: the behavior of the module stays the same, just without printing the call stack; text is written or not, code stops or not.

In General:

Insert at the beginning of your module:


and at the position, where you want to get the error message:

    call TraceBackQQ
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