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HOWTO: Histograms (in 1 and 2 Dimensions) for many particle species simultanously

In order to get most of the functionality of 1D histograms, but combined with the need for doing it simultanously for many different particle species, we generated the module "histMP.f90". (Later on also "hist2DMP.f90" poped up for the 2D generalization -- work in progress.)

[The full functionality of 1D histograms is not yet provided -- work in progress.]

The major generalisation is, that the the output is done in more columns, but for the same x values.

You have to choose the "particle class" at initialization. (We prepared the code for two particle classes but with room for any future extensions.)

Particle class 1 corresponds to "stable particles": (11 particles)

  • pi+,pi0,pi-
  • K+,K0, K~0,K~-
  • p, n, p~, n~

Particle class 2 corresponds to "stable particles and major resonances": (19 particles)

  • pi+,pi0,pi-
  • rho+, rho0, rh0-, and other mesonic resonances
  • K+,K0, K~0,K~-
  • p, n, p~, n~
  • Delta++, Delta+, Delta0, Delta-

While adding values to histogram you just give the particle ID, charge and antiparticle flag and you do not have to bother which histogram the information is added.

When calling the write-out routine you get a multi column output for all particles contained in the choosen "particle class".

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