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HOWTO: Change an svn log message as a user

1) First we change the log message in the GiBUU repository. For this we go to the workingCode directory and type

svn propset --revprop -r "revisionNumber" svn:log "new log message"

Alternatively one can specify a file which contains the new log message:

svn propset --revprop -r "revisionNumber" svn:log -F some_file.txt

2) Now an admin (!!) needs to resync the TRAC project - so give him a call...

HOWTO: Change an svn log message as an administrator

This is what you have to do to change an svn log message after the commit has been made ...

Step 1: Modify the log

This must be done by referring to the repository's location on the filesystem. You cannot modify a remote repository using this command.

svnadmin setlog REPOS_PATH -r N FILE

where REPOS_PATH is the repository location, N is the revision number whose log message you wish to change, and FILE is a file containing the new log message.

REPOS_PATH = /home/svn/buu/GiBUU on tp11!


Step 2: Update the trac cache

Either resync the whole history (which can take some time):

trac-admin /srv/www/htdocs/tracProject/GiBUU resync

or just resync one particular revision:

trac-admin /srv/www/htdocs/tracProject/GiBUU resync <rev>


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