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Compiling GiBUU on Mac OS X (Darwin)

GiBUU on Mac is supported since version 1.2.1 (or r2736 on trunk). In addition to the usual requirements of GiBUU (like a decent Fortran compiler), there are some minor caveats specific to Mac OS X:

  • You need the GNU version of the 'find' tool, since the Mac version has a slightly different syntax and is not compatible with our build process. The GNU findutils can be obtained e.g. from the MacPorts project or directly from the GNU website. The GNU find binary should be called 'gfind'.
  • Static linking is not supported on OS X, cf. the official statement by Apple. Therefore the -static flag is omitted when compiling on Mac (while it is included by default on other platforms).
  • There are various Fortran compilers available for Mac OS X, e.g. ifort, gfortran and g95. All three of these have been tested on Mac OS X 10.5.6.