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Welcome on our website. It is still under Construction !!!


why we have such a nice website

GiBUU team

Current members:

Physics Input

  • Intro... (Historical remarks, ...)
  • BUU equation
  • Resonance Model : Cross sections, Parameters...
  • High Energy : Pythia ...
  • Reactions : Photon, Electron, Pion, Neutrino, Heavy-Ion


  • Examples...


Publications and theses of the GiBUU team can be found here.


Code Documentation

Used software and tools

  • Compiling

Intel Fortran Compiler and g95: Both implement most features of the Fortran2003 standard.

  • Documentation

Robodoc is generating an automatic Code Documentation.

  • Version Control
    Our code is based upon a subversion Version control system. The code can therefore be restored to any time point of its development phase.
  • Further tools
    esvn makedepf90