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  • Presentations at DPG Spring Meeting 2010 (Bonn, March 15-19)
    • T. Gaitanos: Breathing mode in an improved transport approach ppt
    • K. Gallmeister: Hadronische Unterdrückung und Transversalimpuls-Verbreiterung bei CLAS und HERMES pdf
    • O. Lalakulich: One pion production in electron- and neutrino- scattering on nuclei pdf
    • I. Lappo-Danilevski: Superscaling in Lepton-Kern-Streuung pdf
    • A. Larionov: Dynamical compression of the 16O nucleus by a moving antiproton pdf
    • T. Leitner: Neutrino-nucleus interactions in a hadronic transport model pdf
    • J. Weil: Observing In-Medium Properties of Vector Mesons in Elementary Nuclear Reactions pdf


  • T. Gaitanos: Production of fragments and hyperfragments in intermediate energy heavy-ion collisions, Seminar, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 08 September 2009.

  • T. Leitner: Neutrino induced pion production at MiniBooNE and K2K, NUINT09, Barcelona, May 2009 pdf
  • T. Gaitanos: Giessen-BUU: recent progress, ECT Workshop, Trento, May 2009 ppt
  • Presentations at DPG Spring Meeting 2009 (Bochum, March 16-20)
    • T. Gaitanos: Formation of hypernuclei in reactions induced by heavy-ion and hadron beams ppt
    • K. Gallmeister: Production of charged pions off nuclei at HARP within the GiBUU model pdf
    • M. Kaskulov: Colour transparency in hard exclusive reactions pdf
    • O. Lalakulich: One-pion production in neutrino-induced reactions
    • T. Leitner: Neutrino induced pion production at MiniBooNE and K2K pdf
    • J. Weil: Dilepton production in elementary nuclear reactions pdf
  • T. Leitner Neutrino nucleus scattering, Arbeitstreffen Kernphysik, Schleching, March 2009 pdf

  • O. Buss: Hadrons in Medium, SFB TR 16 Meeting in Giessen, February 2009 pdf


  • M. Kaskulov Exclusive limit of fragmentation mechanism in pi-N electroproduction, ECT Workshop, Trento, October 2008 pdf
  • T. Gaitanos: Production of fragments with finite strangeness in reactions wihtin a GiBUU+SMM combined approach, Erice, International School of Nuclear Physics, September 2008.
  • T. Gaitanos: Fragment formation of nuclei and hypernuclei within a combined BUU+SMM model, FIAS, Hadrons@FAIR, June 2008. ppt
  • T. Gaitanos: Theoretical description of fragment formation in reactions at SIS/GSI energies within a combined BUU+SMM approach, GSI, NUSTAR Seminar, June 2008. ppt
  • O. Buss: A transport approach to pion, photon and electron induced nuclear reactions in the resonance region, Giessen, Seminar, May 2008. pdf
  • O. Buss: A transport approach to exclusive channels in electron nucleus scattering, Donnersberg, Donnersberg Workshop 2008 of the A1 collaboration, April 2008. pdf

  • Presentations at DPG Spring Meeting 2008 (March 3-7 [Freiburg], March 10-14 [Darmstadt])
    • O. Buss: Exclusive results for the e-A -> X reaction pdf
    • T. Gaitanos: Fragment formation in low energy proton-induced reactions within a hybrid BUU+SMM approach ppt
    • T. Gaitanos: Production of fragments with finite strangeness in heavy-ion collisions within a BUU+SMM combined model ppt
    • K. Gallmeister: Zeitabhängigkeit von Hadronisierung pdf
    • M. Kaskulov: Hadron attenuation and color transparency at JLab energies
    • T. Leitner: Transport approach to the reconstruction of the neutrino kinematics in current oscillation experiments pdf
    • T. Leitner: Nuclear aspects of neutrino energy reconstruction in current oscillation experiments pdf
    • B. Steinmüller: Stabilität des Kerns in quasiklassischer Theorie
    • J. Weil: Dilepton Production in gammaA and pA Reactions pdf

  • Poster presentation at SFB/Transregio Bonn-Bochum-Giessen Meeting, Bonn, February 2008 pdf


  • Presentations at DPG Spring Meeting 2007 (March 12-17):
    • O. Buss: Electron and pion scattering off nuclei pdf
    • T. Gaitanos: Hypernucleus formation in high-energy nuclear collisions ppt
    • K. Gallmeister: Time Dependent Hadronization via HERMES and EMC Data Consistency ppt
    • A. Larionov: Three-baryon collisions in BUU
    • T. Leitner: Neutrino induced pion production and nucleon knockout within the GiBUU transport model pdf


  • O. Buss: Code development & pion DCX, Giessen, Seminar, July 2006. pdf