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module av18pot


Argonne v18 and vn' and Super-Soft Core (C) potential package


prepared 1 Sep 1994 by R. B. Wiringa, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439 e-mail:


  "Accurate nucleon-nucleon potential with charge-independence breaking"
   R. B. Wiringa, V. G. J. Stoks, and R. Schiavilla,
   Physical Review C51, 38 (1995) - WSS95.

option for v8' reprojection of v18 potential added 10 Jan 2001


  "Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of nuclei with A<=7"
   B. S. Pudliner, V. R. Pandharipande, J. Carlson, Steven C. Pieper,
   and R. B. Wiringa, Physical Review C56, 1720 (1997) - PPCPW97

option for v6', v4', vx', v2', v1' potentials added 16 Jul 2002


  "Evolution of Nuclear Spectra with Nuclear Forces"
   R. B. Wiringa and Steven C. Pieper,
   Physical Review Letters 89, 182501 (2002) - WP02

option for Super-Soft Core (C) added 14 Feb 2007


  "Construction d'un potentiel nucleon-nucleon a coeur tres mou (SSC)"
   R. de Tourreil and D. W. L. Sprung,
   Nuclear Physics A201, 193 (1973) - TS73

option for modfied Argonne v8' and modified SSC! v8' added 14 Feb 2007

   modifications selected by Steve Pieper
   correction to modified SSC! v8' on 4 Apr 2007

this file contains 4 subroutines:

   subroutine av18pw(lpot,l,s,j,t,t1z,t2z,r,vpw)
   subroutine av18op(lpot,r,vnn)
   subroutine empot(lpot,r,vem)
   subroutine consts(lpot,hc,mpi0,mpic,mp,mn,alpha,mup,mun)

the variable lpot selects between v18, v8' and other options

av18pw gives the full potential in a particular partial wave av18op gives the strong interaction part in operator format empot gives the electromagneti! part in operator format consts gives values of fundamental constants and masses used


  • av18pw includes full EM interaction for lpot=1; for lpot>1 it includes only C1(pp), i.e., Coulomb with a form factor for pp channels.
  • empot does not include the energy-dependence of the Coulomb interaction used in eq.(4) of WSS95, i.e., it uses alpha, not alpha'.
  • the vacuum polarization in empot is a short-range approximation to eq.(7) suitable for bound states, but not for scattering. it is taken from eq.(3.13) of Rev. Mod. Phys. 44, 48 (1972). 8/28/97 error in this formula detected and corrected: should be -(gamma+5/6) instead of printed (-gamma+5/6)
  • these subroutines should be compiled with a compiler option that forces all floating point constants to be evaluated at real(8) significance, e.g., on an IBM RS6000 the xlf compiler option qdpc=e should be used; on SGI machines, the -r8 option should be used; on a Cray no action is needed. if such an option is not available and the default precision is real*4 (32 bits), then all constants should be explicitly converted to double precision by appending a D0.
  • consts now (14 Feb 2007) depend upon potential: need to call to generate appropriate hbar**2/M